As an administrator of your merchant account, you can add users and assign roles to them in managing your ticketing while limiting access to certain options. This makes it easier to manage what your employees can use in your ticket office.

To add, edit, or delete a user, go to the left menu of the portal and click Users, just under My Activities.

By clicking on Users, you will come to a page where all the users of your merchant account will be displayed. You normally have only one merchant account, but some could have more than one. The current merchant account and therefore the users to be managed is defined by the current activity selected. A merchant account user has access to all account activity. Using more than one merchant account is one way to control access if necessary. Contact us to create an additional merchant account.

To create a new user, just enter a valid email address and click on the checkmark. Subsequently, you check the roles you want to give for this user. To get a little more detail on each account role, hover over the question marks.

The New Order Notification role allows you to receive an email for each new order that will be made by a customer or group. This option must also be checked in the activity settings (Settings / Customization). This is explained in the article Ticketing Setup - Activity by going to section A6.

To finalize the creation of the new user, click Save.

An email will be sent to the new user to accept or decline the invitation.

example of an invitation

By clicking Accept, the new user will arrive at the portal login page. He must enter his email and choose a password. By clicking on Sign In, his user account will be created.

The merchant account administrator (s) will receive an email notification that the user has accepted or declined the invitation. At any time an administrator can change the roles of a user. Just click on the little pencil. To delete a user, click on the trash. Be aware that this action does not destroy the user account, but simply removes it from your merchant account.