The notion of Partners allows to identify your business partners and the list of representatives that work for them. A possible use of this feature is by assigning a partner to an alternative ticket office such that your customer chooses among the representatives of that partner in order to assign the sale respectively. Reports can be generated to display sales per alternative ticket office.

The notion of Representatives is very flexible, they can be sales representatives or any sort of structured hierarchy. For example, a partner that is a school board could use the concept of representatives to identify its schools.

The Partner option is available on demand. However, when the option is available here is how to add partners.

Adding Partners

The partners are at the merchant level and so they will always be available for all your activities. They are independent of the current activity so by creating any new activity your Partners are visible and accessible.

The concept is that among your Partners, that can be an organization or a company, participate in the sale of your tickets for more than one activity effectively having two or more ticket offices of their own.

To add Partners go at the bottom left of the Portal and click on Partners.

As an example, there are already fictitious partners in the above image.

To add a new Partner click on the "+" button at the top right. The following window will pop-up.

Write the Partner's information. The name of the Partner defines the name of the organization or the company while the contact is the one with who you have concluded the business or the person of reference for the Partner.

The title is to identify the representatives to enter at the next step.

The title for list of selection is to clearly express what choice your customers will make among the representatives in the ticket office.

If the representatives are sales representatives then leave the space blank as "Choose a representative" is standard as title. However, if the partner is a school board then you can change the text by writing "Choose your school" for example.

Once the information is written, click on "Save".

Adding a Representative

The terminology by which Tixigo defines representatives is that it can be sales representatives, representatives, schools or even business branches such that they are part of an overarching entity being the Partner.

On the Partners page next to the pencil icon there is  "Rep", click on it.

The following window will open.

You can enter the information of each of the representative by clicking on the "+" button. Write the Name, Email and notes if needed.

The representative can be deleted or ordered by using respectively the garbage and double arrows icon.

In the event there are many representatives, it is possible to import an Excel contact list, in CSV format, by clicking on "Import".

By column, the Portal will give you the option to assign the following information to the representative; Last Name, First Name and Email.

The check boxes on each line are to choose which representative to import. Once the selection done, click on "Add". Now, you have successfully added Partners and Representatives in your merchant account.