Sending an email to customers

To communicate by email with your customers of specific events, you must choose the event in question in the calendar and use the dark blue Actions button.

Three options are available:

  • An email to all customers targets the current event customers only.

  • An email to customers for the rest of the day is similar to the previous, but includes customers for the current event and those for the rest of the day. In order to reach to all customers of the day, simply choose the first event!

  • An email to all future customers goes a step further by reaching all customers in the current event and all the customers of future events in the calendar.

In all cases, one single message will be sent by email. So if a customer ordered more than once, he/she will receive only one email.

Sending an email to group members

To communicate with specific members of a group, use the Action menu of a group.

Email Editor

Tixigo offers a tool to compose your message in one or more languages according to the activity settings. In order to know whether to write in one language or more, the email tool will display only one input language instead of two. If two are displayed, then a message must be written in both languages or one copied twice using "Copy XX" under the message zone.

The following sections explain the functionalities of the email editing tool.


First there is a text in the dialog box concerning the Logo. Automatically, the portal will insert your logo found in Settings - Customization. If you wish to make an email to your liking and that the addition of your logo at the top left is unnecessary, you can avoid this by writing a short html code. Here is how to.

  • First, click on the three dots at the right of the editor. Then click on the following symbol "<>".

  • In the dialog box write this: <style></style> and click on the "<>" symbol once again.

Paragraph format (A)

This function allows to define the text as Normal or Primary up to Fourth level Title.

Font bold, size and colour (B, C and D)

These are standard text editor functions. Note that text colour can accept hexadecimal colour code.

Insert a link (E)

This function allows to insert a link in a word or a group of words for your customers to click and see a web page.

Other text options (F)

This option opens many others that do what they imply in their name. Starting from emojis, background colour, italic,

underline, strikethrough, subscript and superscript. The last two could be more useful; the "A" is the choice of Font Family and the second are the special characters such as the Greek letters.

Lists (G)

List goes as following;

  1. Ordered list
  2. example

  • Unordered list
  • example

Alignement (H)

Similar to B, C and D, alignement serves to align the text either to the left, center or right.

Other paragraph options (I)

Similar to the other text options, paragraph options offer a variety of personalisation settings;

  • align justify
  • paragraph style;
    • gray
    • bordered
    • spaced
    • uppercase
  • line height
  • indent right or left
  • inserting quotes
  • adding a horizontal line

Other miscellaneous functionalities (J)

These functionalities allow you to:

  • undo or redo a performed action,
  • insert an image,
  • insert a table,
  • go to full screen mode,
  • print,
  • enter html code,
  • seek help

Note that the inserted images will be part of a gallery belonging to each activity in your Portal. If you erase an image and that your client opens an email containing that image, it will no longer be visible in the email. If you wish to cleanup the gallery, use common sense and delete the old ones first.