Hi every one,

Here are the new updates as of January 14, 2020. Please note that images show French but it should be obvious to figure it out...

  • Number of tickets selected witha combobox

In the ticket office, the choice of number of tickets is now made by a list between 0 and a maximum allowed according to the category of tickets. This is in anticipation of the redesign of the ticket categories that will be available by the end of January. It will be possible to choose the minimum and maximum allowed for a category of tickets, so the drop-down list is more appropriate for this than typing a number. For the moment, all categories are limited to 50 tickets and new ones will be 15 by default. Until you have the opportunity to change this value, please contact us if you want to make a change.

This change is required due to a progressive update of the changes to the new ticket categories ...

  • Quick move through the portal calendar

You can now go quickly to a specific date in the calendar without having to move from one month to another which can be slow when there are a lot of events scheduled ... Simply click on the date at the top and a calendar is displayed to choose a date.


Quick tip: click on the month (here January 2020) of the small calendar to make a quick choice of month.

Then click on the year (here 2020) in the small calendar to make a quick choice of year. You can click once again in the year zone (2015-2026) to make a choice of year over a longer period of time ... You also have arrows at all times which allow you to move also in time.

  • Copies of an event from the calendar

An icon allows you to copy a calendar event to another date and time. This tool is particularly useful for an activity in "List of Events" mode, because it allows you to copy a show for example that comes back more than once or to start from an existing event to make a new one that you can modify thereafter.

You will be asked for a date and time for the new event to copy. 

  • Event repeated in "List of Events" mode

An activity in "List of Events" mode presents each event on the calendar as a separate event in the ticket office with its image and description ... When an event is repeated, it also repeats itself in the ticket office according to its date which was not an ideal solution.

With this update, if an event repeats, it will appear only once in the ticket office, offering all of its dates. In the following image, the Dance Evening event and the Whiskey Tasting are available 3 Saturdays each. The ticket office displays only two events instead of 6 as before.

Note that for an event to be considered identical, the name of the event must be the same.

  • Images Tab in Customization menu

Assigning images for your activity and events (event list mode only) now displays images in all languages in one view instead of using one tab per language.

As a reminder, the "Default" image is the one that is used if no image for a specific language is available. The images are often independent of the language, but if they contain text (ex. Facebook image here) then it is very useful to see everything at a glance to understand why an image is used in a given circumstance.

Note here that there is no image in the "fr" column simply because the activity is mainly for French speakers, the default image will be used then and it will be in French if it must contain text . There is no need to put it also in the column fr. If you activity is primary English then the the "en" column would be mostly empty and the "fr" one filed.