Hello everyone,

Here are the latest updates completed recently. Here is a video that explains the changes.

  • International phone number with choice of country

Entering a customer's phone number now allows the country to be selected to identify the code for that country. If the code is not one for North America then the customer can enter any phone number otherwise it will be limited to 10 digits.

If the country is not the country of the activity (set in the Localization tab), the phone number will be displayed (on pages and reports) with a + followed by the country code. The + signifies that it is a call in an area that requires a country code and the + signifies that you need to dial a code to exit the country and then dial the country code and phone number. In Canada the + corresponds to 011.

  • Simplifications of some activity settings

The Calendar tab is no longer available because new customers often thought that it controlled the hours available for the activity. On the other hand, when you have to choose a time for an event in the calendar, you have ... to the right of the word "Time" which makes it possible to change the choice of permitted hours.

The Ticket Office tab has been revised to put the essential settings at the top. Some rarely used settings are no longer available except for Tixigo support. Finally, the links to the ticket office are also removed to simply give access to the homepage with buttons at the top of the page to the right of the big button that opens and closes the ticket office. For those who use the "Event List" style, the Ticket Office Links tab is removed and the buttons for accessing the ticket office for each calendar event are in the header, to the right of the event when clicking on an event in the calendar.

  • The Members list page of a group has a new look based on the look of emails.

There is less detail on the tickets that are blocked or available. Simplification to reduce the amount of information ...

  • The "Soldout" image, if it exists, will now be adjusted to fully cover the image of the event.

Which implies that it could be distorted if its dimension is not exactly that of the image of the event, but it is a better compromise than not overlaying properly. This image makes it possible to change the image of the event when there is no more availability. It is overlayed on top of the event image and can use transparency or not. Be aware that a message is added above the buttons for Form a Group and Buy Tickets that indicates the fact and the buttons do not work so the SoldOut image is not required per se.

  • Messages of nonconformities in the box office

In order to detect anomalies in your activity settings, you may see a message area that gets added to the ticket office to informs you. This message area is not visible to your customers, only to those who are connected to the portal. Here is an example.

Warning - This activity is not compliant

Message visible only because you are connected to the portal - not visible to your customers.

Activity must have an image for documents

In this case, it is indicated that it is necessary to put an image (logo) for the documents, because it is the only indication of your company on the order (invoice) as well as the electronic tickets.

If your activity does not have an image, you will also have a notification. In any case it does not block the ticket office, but tells you adjustments to make. Other checks could be added in the future.