1. Colors

By going to Settings -> Activity -> Customization -> Colors, you will be able to customize any color of your ticketing.

To make the configuration easier, colors are grouped by categories. Click on one of the titles to display the colors of this group.

1.2 Ticket office colors

By hovering over the question marks, you get more information about the display of that color in the ticket office.

Here is a visual guide for displaying colors:


- To make the background color transparent, ideal when using an image as the ticket office's background, enter the color code # 010101. That way, the header background color will disappear and you will see your ticket office's background image or another color determined on the whole homepage. For optimum results, it is recommended that your logo be in .PNG file and that there is no background color. If so, it could alter the look of your ticket office.

- When you put the white color as a header, a thin dividing line is created to delimit the header background with the ticket office's background image. If you wish to not have this line, just choose another shade of white than #fffff.

- The button highlight color o is the color displayed when hovering over a button. By entering the code # 0x010101, you will let the system choose.

2. Images

A ticket office with the "event list" display allows you to configure an image for each event in your list. For example, a festival can offer several different activities or an auditorium can host several different artists. The addition of an image for each of the events allows a quick visual clue and embellishes the ticket office.

To add an image to an event, you must go to your calendar and select the time slot of your event.

  • Click the pencil on the right of the event date to enter the configuration settings for this event.

  • Go to the Image tab

  • Add your image in the Image section of the event provided for this purpose. Do not forget to include an image when an event is sold out. You can simply include a banner displaying "sold out" because it will overlap on your event image.

Repeat the process for each event in your list.

2.1 Background image

Adding a background image is done in Settings -> Activity -> Customization, Images.

Unlike the header image that must be textured and with no text, the background image of the ticket office doesn't have to be. However, the image may not be high enough to fill the entire homepage. As a solution, you can create a fade effect at the bottom of the page, where the image turns into a color.

If you use a background image with a texture (as shown in the festival-Whiskey ticket office), and you want it in the header, you have to put the color code # 010101 for the Header Background.


- If your image makes the reading difficult, you can reduce its intensity by 50% or more depending on the case. This will make the image look "smoother" and make it easier to read.

- By pressing the F12 key on your keyboard, you can see an overview of your ticket office in mobile mode (with Chrome). This gives you a good idea of the adjustments to make since a lot of the customers are now using their smartphones for online purchases.

3 Settings 

All calendar events uses the activity settings, but you can change them for each event. From your calendar, go to the date of the event and click on the pencil to edit it. 

Apart from the General tab, all the others are specific to this style and allow you to replace a setting, picture or color for that event. If a setting or color is replaced, an icon is added to return to the value of the activity. For an image, simply destroy it to return to the image defined in the Customize tab of the activity.