Instead of publishing a simple URL of your ticket office in a Facebook post, you can replace this URL link in a post with an image, title, and short description. This gives a better visual for your publications and encourages your customers to click. Tixigo also allows this for the link to the ticket office as well as for links to group ticket offices. However, for each ticketing link (group or ticket), you must add their own title, image and description. You can personalize each one of them.

Add a picture for your Facebook links

From your portal, go to the Settings -> Activity. Click the Customization tab and then go to Images. Going down the page, you will come to the images section for Facebook.

The first image (named Facebook Image) will be used when you share the ticket office link for your activity. The second (named Facebook Group Image) will be used when an organizer or a member of a group shares the link of his group ticket office, still for the same activity. The images do not have to be different, but it's best to put one to prevent Facebook from displaying an empty square.

Add a title and a description for your Facebook links

To add a title and a description to your ticket office links, stay on the Customization tab, but this time click Settings. Go to the Facebook section, and click on it to display the settings.

In this section, you can customize the titles and descriptions for the ticket office and group ticket office links. Opt for short sentences to prevent the text from being cut by Facebook once it is published.

Then, go to the Ticket Office tab and click on Ticket Office Links to share your post by clicking on the Facebook icon.

The link to your ticket office as a Facebook post

* Note that when you publish, the web site displayed will be APP.TIXIGO.COM. We use the demo only for examples.

In the case of group ticket offices

When an organizer forms a group, he creates a group ticket office which he can then share with his friends. In the confirmation email, there is a button to share the group ticket office on Facebook. The organizer or any other member of the group can therefore share the link and encourage other people to participate in your activity.

here is an example

Ticket office links in "list of events" mode

When you share the ticket office link in the "event list" mode, this gives access to the entire homepage containing all the events. It is possible to only share one of the events.

Here's how to do it:

  • Go to the Calendar menu and double click on the date of the event you want to share.
  • Click on the pencil on the right of the date of the event.

  • Go to the Ticket Office Links tab, and share the link you want.

You can also set up a publication for each event by going to the Settings tab. If nothing is added, the system will display the settings defined in the activity.

Since an image has been added in Facebook Image for the "Whiskey Tasting" event, it will be published instead of the one defined by default in the activity settings. The same goes for the text.


Facebook image of the activity:

Facebook image of the "Whiskey Tasting" event:

Publication of the "Whiskey Tasting" event:

In addition, the sharing of publications can be bilingual. You have the option to share publications in French or English and so can your clients since Tixigo offers its platform in both languages! If you need support for sharing multilingual posts on Facebook, this article can help you.