The ticketing style Calendar and List of days

The Calendar display

As the name suggests, the Calendar displays a monthly calendar after the customer has determined how many tickets they want to purchase. This style of display is ideal for activities that are repetitive and occur several times a month. After determining the number of tickets desired, the customer clicks on Find Tickets and chooses a date in the calendar from the available days. The available days are displayed based on the number of tickets determined earlier. Then, the customer selects the time from those available and can then proceed to the next step.

Calendar colors are customizable in Settings -> Activity -> Customization / Colors.

Then click on the Colors section of the calendar. For example, you can change colors for available days, calendar borders, background colors, and many other options.

Before entering dates in your portal calendar, you must first configure the start and end times of a day and the time increments (time step). The increments can be is 15.30, 45 minute or 1 hour hops between the start time and the end time. This only serves to offer you choices when adding events to the calendar. Go to Settings -> Activity and then the Calendar tab.

The "List of Days" display


In resemblance to the calendar, the list of days allows the customer to choose the date and time of their event. A list of days display is useful when you offer events that are repeated, but are spaced in time and limited in number. That is why it is more advantageous to use this style than the one of the calendar which is not optimum in these circumstances.