Before issuing tax receipts following your events, a good configuration of the questionnaire is necessary in order to collect information from customers who do not have an email address. They can enter their address as an alternative way to send them receipts. The registered addresses will appear on the receipts that will be ready to be sent.

From your main menu, go to Settings / Questionnaires.

You can manually enter your questions using the + to add a question. The section in purple allows to insert a title to your questionnaire. Click the icon next to + to add a title. You must also make sure that the questionnaire is activated by looking in the upper right corner. For more details on the questionnaires, you can read the section about it in thisĀ article.

To add questions more quickly, you click Add Predefined Questions, which offers a series of frequently asked questions for an activity. You will notice that the questions are grouped in sections separated by purple bands. You have the choice between Add Title that will automatically add the title of the section to your questionnaire or Add Title and Questions that will add the entire section. To allow your customers to have a space where they can fill in their details, it is recommended to use the section Enter your address without additional questions.

For each question, it is very important to validate certain points. First, make sure the Required and In Ticketing boxes are checked. This means that the question will appear in the ticket office and the customer will not be able to conclude his transaction if he does not answer the question. Note that once the order is placed, it is possible for the customer to change his answers if he receives a confirmation email.

Second, you must enter the appropriate label according to the question. This is very important since this is how the addresses will be displayed on the receipts. A series of labels is already preconfigured. Just select the one that corresponds to the question.

If we take the image at the bottom as an example, the question is Address. You must therefore select Receipt Fiscal Address. You must repeat these same steps for other questions. If the question is City, select Fiscal Receipt City and so on.

If you have entered a question for tax receipts that do not have an existing label, please contact us.