When raising funds or supporting a charity event, it is possible to issue tax receipts to donors through the Tixigo portal.

First, make sure the "Tax Receipts" menu appears on your main menu. Otherwise, contact us via support@tixigo.com. In addition, you must enter your tax receipt number in the activity settings. Only a user with an Admin or Finance role can access it.

Between the time you open your ticket office (or store) and your fundraising event, consumers buy tickets or make donations. They enter their personal information such as their email, phone number or civic address according to the questionnaire you have configured in your settings. The questionnaire for activities giving tax receipts must be configured in a particular way. To learn how to configure them appropriately, please read this article. When the event is over, you can issue tax receipts to all your donors on your own terms.

Settings for tax receipts

Before filing tax receipts, you must configure the settings.

Go to the Activity menu and click on the Customization tab, then Settings and scroll down to the bottom of the "Tax Receipts" section.

The name of the receipt issuer is that of your organization. This name is also displayed by default if you do not have a logo for the document or when the customer chooses a black and white print which hides the logo and displays this name.

 Address of the receipt issuer : The official address of your organization. It will be displayed on receipts under the name of the issuer or the logo.

Name of the cause may refer to your event or fundraising event (eg Benefit Dinner). It is not mandatory to fill this field.

Number of receipts per page: This is the configuration for receipt printing that will be sent to customers by mail. The current receipt format allows a maximum of 3 receipts per 8.5 "x 11" page. This setting does not change the receipt format, only the number per page. If your sheet does not separate in three or you do not want to manually cut the sheets, use a value of 1.

Other settings allow you to configure the email message that will be sent to customers.

To add a signature

Go to the Images tab, still under the Custom tab. Go down the page until you see "Signature for Tax Receipt". The image must contain on digitized signature on a white background or ideally on a transparent background to get a better overlay on the receipt. Please respect the standards for the image format - Click on the? to know more.

Produce tax receipts

Tax receipts are produced in batches once the event has passed. Each lot must cover a period of time when there were transactions for that event.

The reason for the prize is for fundraising events where the receipt amount is often different from the amount paid for the activity and so receipts must be submitted after the event when event accounting is complete and the amount applicable for the receipt depending on the ticket price is known.

For a ticketing activity, the time period of a batch covers all transactions for the event or events that fall in that period. So, for example, if the event for a fundraising dinner is included in a lot, all ticket sales for that event will be included, regardless of the date of the ticket purchase transactions. The important thing is to produce a batch after all transactions for an event are entered in the portal. Also consider transactions that are not made online (check or other) and that you must enter before producing a lot. If you have forgotten transactions after producing a lot, contact us to discuss options.

For a shop type activity (online donation ...) the period covers transactions made during this period. There is no restriction on the date of the transactions as for a ticket, however make sure your lots are contiguous and no date is forgotten. For example, you could produce a lot per week, month, or other depending on your needs. There is no automatic receipt of a receipt for the moment. Through the batch production steps, it is possible to track the statuses of the batches that are all displayed.

There is the pending batch where the period to be covered has been selected, but the list of items has not yet been released.

The lot produced is when the deductible amounts have all been entered and the lot is ready to be sent.

The completed lot is a batch that has finished sending and is now used as a reference or archive for financial reports.

1- Go to the Tax Receipts menu. Then click on the + to add a new batch.

2- Select the period to include for receipts. You can group together several events at the same time. Then, click on "Get List of Items" to have a list of all receipts within the chosen period. The items correspond to all ticket categories available during the period.

3 - Enter an amount for receipts for each item listed. To go faster, enter an amount and click on the icon to put the ticket amount, which implies that 100% of the ticket is applicable for the receipt. It can be done item by item or for all items. Then click on "Produce fiscal receipts".

4- The batch is now ready to be sent. The status allows you to know how many emails will be sent to customers who have registered their email when they purchase.

By clicking on all receipts, you have a printable version of all receipts included in this batch. The "Customer Receipts Without Email" only includes receipts from customers who do not have email, which is only possible for entries you make yourself with the portal.

When you click on "Send Tax Receipts", your customers will receive it by email. For others, you can print the list of customers without email, and send them by mail. Once the emails are sent, the lot status will be changed to Lot Completed.

Sample receipts:

* Note that the client's address appears in the rectangle. You have to configure the questionnaire (Settings / Questionnaires). You can click on the pre-defined questions to add the questions about the address. Please read this article to learn how to set up the questions appropriately for a fundraising event.