Add text in the home page or on the ticket office header

To add text in the ticketing header, go to Settings / Activity / Customization / Settings. Then go down to the Ticket Office section. In Header Title you can add your text in English and French. This will appear in the middle of the ticket office header. Opt for a very short text (like a title). If you are using an image for the header instead of a color, it is not recommended to add text.

For a slightly more detailed text, you can add it in Landing page title.

To add text while buying tickets

It is also possible to add text during ticket purchase. Here you can put detailed explanations that will be addressed to your customers. You can put this text in English and French.

From your left menu, go to Settings / Locations. Then click on the small pencil to change the desired location. Then, go to the Strings tab and configure your message by clicking on the text highlighted in blue.

There is already a text that is displayed by default, you are just going to replace it with yours. Do not forget to fill in your text for each purchase option (Buy Tickets and Form a Group).

You can change color, highlight, bold, and so on by the use of HTML code. Contact us at and tell us your requests so that we can integrate the HTML if you are not able to do it.