The Sales Summary report is available in TWO VERSIONS depending on the date of the event (meal or anything else) or the date of the transaction (order or refund). We suggest to use the report depending on the date of the transaction (valid for accounting ) to comply with the sales tax law. 

For Restaurants in Quebec only: It is important to know that the SRM is not used to verify your tax returns by Revenu Québec. The purpose of the SRM is to validate that you are within the standards of your industry and to ensure the printing of an official receipt that inspectors can verify.

Reports based on the meal date display "Not Valid for Accounting" to remind you that their use does not comply with the Sales Tax Act. Tixigo is used in other sectors, so in the case of catering in Quebec, it is possible that you use such reports to respect the entries in the SRM; but know that it does not respect the law on taxes which requires that the tax is due at the time of the transaction and not the receipt of the property.

The Tixigo Sales Summary report allows you to take out Stripe's online sales amounts and any other sales you've received over the phone or at the presale counter and registered with other types of payments (check, cash, debit , your card terminal, ...). So you have to consider your needs according to your accounting management to properly configure the report to be produced (include online sales or all presales).

Note that the payment type "Not Paid" is not included in the report unless you include it explicitly with the options offered. The idea being that the unpaid ones involve a future payment to your cashier. Then it is possible to include these amounts to give you an idea of the total potential sales, but unpaid is not a presale. The tickets will be paid to your checkout, and not in advance, so we do not include them to produce taxes.

Attention - Refund of order after the meal

If you use the Sales Summary report with the date of the meal, be aware that full or partial refunds of orders will also be counted according to the date of the meal. So if you reimburse an order after the date of your meal and you have already used the Sales Summary report for your accounting, this refund will not be included in the report and you will have to manage this case manually to balance your accounts. 

If you use the Sales Summary with the date of the transaction, then you will never risk losing track of a refund (if you exit regular reports that start the day after the end of the previous report to cover every day of the transaction year).

Attention - Contestation of a lost payment

If you lose a dispute over a card payment due to Stripe's notice, be aware that Tixigo will not have this information and you must take this loss into account. Canceling such an order in Tixigo will not work because Stripe has already canceled the charge. The solution is to use the MaitreD / Reception page and the grocery basket to have the details of the amounts before taxes to make an accounting entry to correct this loss.

Cash flow management

Amounts deposited by Stripe into your bank account can not be reconciled with specific orders. The way to manage everything is to put its amounts paid into the bank account in an "Advances Stripe" ledger account at a given frequency (week, month or other). You file the Tixigo Sales Summary report for the period and you will have the total revenue (ticket and ticket) and expenses (Tixigo and Stripe) so you can transfer amounts from the account "Advances Stripe" to other accounts (Sales, Tizigo, Stripe, GST, TVQ). In the long run, the Advances Stripe account should remain stable, otherwise it would be necessary to find the reason for the imbalance. Ex: The Advances Stripe account only grows gradually in positive or negative, so it's problematic. For seasonal activities, if you have a fairly long break after one season, then your Stripes Advance account should be at $ 0 after about 10 days since the last online transaction.

Special feature for manual production of MEV receipts by your checkout

Presales registered in your checkout to produce SRM receipts should not be used in your accounting because the tax amounts are not accurate and you may not be able to produce a receipt for people who do not show up for lunch. For example, if you do not enter the amount of the ticketing fee in the cash register receipt, you will not have the amount of taxes on its fees. Same principle for the mandatory tip. In addition, the calculation of taxes by Tixigo is by ticket and not on the total order, so the amounts will be a little different.

The use of TixiMEV makes it possible to register pre-sales directly in the SRM without going through your cash register and the exact amounts to the under-number will be registered there.

To determine the amount of GST and QST to be remitted for a given period, you must obtain the statement of your DFS (checkout), which must give you the total amount of GST and QST and the total amount of taxable sales to the provincial and federal. The statement should also give you the total sales by type of payment (depending on the buttons of your checkout), but these amounts will most likely include taxes. We assume that everything entered into your checkout with the Presales button is taxable at both levels of government, otherwise the following is not accurate. But if this button is only used for pre-sales for your meals, then this is not not a problem. It is therefore necessary to calculate the total amount of Presales before taxes, as well as the taxes, to subtract these amounts from the totals of the cash provided. This operation will show you the sales and taxes collected in your checkout without including pre-sales. Subsequently, you can add the sales and taxes collected in Presales with the Tixigo Sales Summary report for the same period (the report that uses the transaction date and not the meal).

Example of a checkout summary of an SEV for a period:





There are cash sales, by debit and also Stripe which corresponds to the Presales button. The first 4 rows show the total amount of taxable sales as well as the total GST and QST.

To withdraw pre-sales from these amounts, we take the Stripe total and deduct the taxes and the amount before taxes:

Stripe before taxes = amount / (1 + 0.05 + 0.975) = 4526.01 / 1.14975 = $ 3936.52TPS = $ 3936.52 * 0.05 = $ 196.83TVQ = $ 3936.52 * 0.0975 = $ 392.67

So sales and taxes collected at checkout for this period are therefore from Fed and Prov = $ 4936.58 - $ 3936.52 = $ 1000.06TPS = $ 246.82 - $ 196.83 = $ 49.99TVQ = $ 492.42 - $ 392.67 = $ 99.75.

To these amounts will be added the net sales and taxes included in the Tixigo sales summary report (by meal date) for the same period.