Creation of sponsorship tickets or VIP or Ticket pack seats

You may issue tickets on behalf of your sponsor for your event.

1- Create a "Sponsorship" ticket category

  • Go to Settings / Ticket Categories, then click on the + to add a new ticket category
  • Create the category by putting a caption code in General and calling it "Sponsorship" in the Strings tab
  • Go to Settings / Price Lists and click on the + to add your price list For sponsorship. Put your price next to the Sponsorship category. If it's free, put 0.00. Leave the other categories na (not available). When all your tickets are gone, don't forget to disable the category by clicking on the pencil and check disabled.

Important : Make sure to uncheck the Ticket office for firm group box. To do so, click on Settings / Activity / Customization / settings. Then go to the section called Confirmation email.

2- Create sponsorship tickets in the calendar

  • Go to Calendar and select the date of your event, then click on the three little guys icon
  • Enter sponsorship ticket information (number of tickets, contact information, name of sponsorship, etc.) and choose a firm reservation

Verify that

- The enforce Size box is checked

- you have the right number of tickets

-The price list is set to Sponsorship

- The booking type is Firm

-Click on Book and Add tickets

  • Before confirming, make sure you have Other payment type using the drop-down list and put the correct number of tickets in the "Sponsorship" category.
  • Your contact will receive an e-mail with the e-tickets on behalf of the Sponsor. Just click on your tickets to print them. The email settings are configurable in Activity / Personalization / Settings.

Electronic tickets with the name of the sponsor on the header:

You can send each ticket individually to your customers or partners by clicking on the link of the E-ticket. This way, the person receiving all the tickets can distribute them to the individuals they want.


It is possible after the event to measure the effectiveness of your sponsorship tickets using the data collected. For example, you can use Satisfactions surveys with your own questions to gather feedback from your customers after your event. To set up a Satisfaction Questionnaire, go to Settings / Questionnaires and click on Satisfaction.

It is also possible to share the data if you used the scan for your tickets. You will be able to share with your sponsor the number of tickets that have been used as well as customer statistics. You will find everything in the Reports tab on your main menu.

Possible mistakes

1- Have made a reservation type Online instead of Firm

Your client will still receive an email with the sponsorship tickets, but will also receive a link to purchase other tickets online.


In the group, you must check Restrict to close the group ticket office and change the booking type by clicking Online and change it to Firm. Then click on the green Actions button to send a confirmation email.

2- Have click on Book instead of Book and Buy Tickets

The confirmation email that your customer will receive will not contain a link for their tickets.


You must add tickets yourself by using the group's ticket office by clicking on the basket next to the group name or by clicking on the Blue Actions button, then clicking Group Ticketing. Do not forget to put Other for the type of payment