Tixigo allows you to manage pre-sales online with Stripe as well as various other means of payment you have (check, debit, credit with your terminal, cash). The law provides that the remittance of taxes must be made according to the date of the transaction and not the date of the meal. On the other hand, the law also requires that in the case of a legally regulated establishment that requires the use of a SRM, the sale must be recorded in the SRM within a reasonable time of the meal, but without specifying. In principle we suggest staying in a range of +- 4h of the meal and within in the same day in the worst case.

After more than two years of discussions with the Ministère du Revenu du Quebec, they recognize that the presale case like Tixigo offers is more and more in demand and that the laws are not adjusted to this reality. In the end, what is suggested is to enter the transactions in the SRM at meal time, but to record sales and taxes by the date of the transaction in order to comply with the sales tax laws. This implies a disparity between the content of the SRM and your periodic tax reports. Please note that the SRM is not used to validate your tax returns submitted to the government. It is a tool to allow the government to validate that you are in the industry standards and to allow them to detect anomalies where appropriate and thus conduct an inspection. But the ultimate goal of the SRM is to produce an official receipt that ensures the transaction is registered.

The SRM reports can not and should not be used to make your periodic tax return reports. You have to use the reports from your Point of Sale register (cash register or other) and those from Tixigo to make your statements because they are the ones that contain accurate information about your sales based on when a sale must be accounted for. SRM reports are used by the government.

One receipt per group is valid and greatly reduces management. This is the same principle when a restaurant produces a single bill for the table and more than one person pays to separate the amount. In addition, the pre-payment was done off-site and at another time. Tixigo allows an organizer to share the payment with his guests. The important thing is that all people are included in a receipt for an inspector to validate compliance and specifically that the SRM records the amounts of all sales.

You have two options for printing SRM receipts:

Automatic printing

Manual printing

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