Tixigo allows you to automatically print cash receipts for a meal / meal on a MEV device without going through your checkout.

To do this, Tixigo offers a 5 "x 5" mini-computer, without a keyboard or display, that bridges the gap between Tixigo's cloud servers and your MEV device. This mini-computer is called TixiMEV and is typically black or blue (as seen in of the image) The connection between the TixiMEV and the MEV is via a network wire on the Ethernet port # 1 of the MEV. If this port is already in use, you will need to either unplug the existing device and plug in the TixiMEV for the time printing and reconnect the other device later. It is also possible to put a hub so that both are connected permanently.

TixiMEV communicates with Tixigo servers over the Internet. It uses WiFi access to do so. Once in use, TixiMEV communicates with the Tixigo server to obtain the list of receipts to be printed, and to report the status of the communication with the SRM and the status of the printer. This communication is usually done every 10 seconds.

You can still produce your receipts manually with your checkout.

The advantage of printing with TixiMEV is to simplify the input process of people. You print all the receipts of a meal some time before the meal and when people arrive, they do not need to go through the cash register. The receipt contains the required information such as the name of the group, the name of the organizer, meal time and assigned tables if you use the placement. In addition, this method simplifies accounting, as Tixigo's sales no longer pass through your checkout, but they are entered in the SRM with the exact amounts to the sub taxes, tips and ticketing fees.

Here is a video that presents the TixiMEV solution.

Special information on printing with TixiMEV

Use the? to get a summary of printing with TixiMEV

  • The "Print on SRM" link in the MaitreD / Reception page is only available when at least one TixiMEV is running and has registered for your account.

  • TixiMEV consults Tixigo servers every 10 seconds. So this is the maximum possible time between the print request and the start of printing.

  • The MasterD / Reception page refreshes the content approximately every 10 seconds as well. If necessary you can manually refresh to go faster.

  • Printing is done for all groups whose receipt switch is off.

  • Unpaid orders are excluded from the receipt of a group. A group with an unpaid payment status does not produce a receipt. So all orders paid online or otherwise (type of payment such as check, debit or other) are included, because in principle any prepayment registered in Tixigo should not have produced a receipt MEV.
  • TixiMEV prints in groups of 10 receipts at a time and pauses for 5 seconds between each batch. This is to allow you to pick up receipts during printing. It is possible to adjust these settings by contacting us.

  • To print the receipt for one group at a time, click on the grocery cart and use the link at the top to print.

  • TRAINING - To test printing without affecting the data in your MEV, choose the Training MEV. The receipt will indicate Training. If it is a receipt that must be officially printed later, simply turn off the switch manually after printing in Training mode.

  • To reprint one or more receipts, you must turn off the receipt switch by clicking on it and restart printing MEV (all or one at a time). Be aware that this is a reprint for the SRM and the receipt will display this status. The reprint with TixiMEV does not take into account that the receipt was produced manually the first time without TixiMEV or if produced on a Training MEV!

  • The switch is blue when the receipt is produced by TixiMEV from Production, and green for manual printing or for a Training MEV. Once printed by TixiMEV, it will always be blue, even if you turn it off and on again.

In the event of a problem with the selected SRM (Mev Prod or Mev Formation), an icon will appear on the right and by hoverring over it with the mouse,  you will have an explanation.

Once assigned for printing by a SRM, the switch of a receipt is no longer usable and you will see the indication "mev ..." on the right to inform you that a TixiMEV has taken control of the printing of this receipt

You can cancel receipt printing on a SRM as long as the TixiMEV is unable to print them. In this case, click on the link to print the receipt (s) by holding down the CTRL key.

CAUTION - This operation does not cancel the current receipt printing if the TixiMEV is functional, and could cause the duplicate command to be registered in the SRM. The only recommended use is to turn off the TixiMEV device and wait at least 15 seconds for the Master / Receive page to refresh and then cancel the print assignments on a SRM. It is suggested that you contact Tixigo Support before proceeding.

If you print the wrong meal for example, the best is to unplug the TixiMEV from the MEV (network wire) to quickly stop printing, turn off the TixiMEV (backward button) and when the TixiMEV light is off, you can proceed to cancellation. Some receipts may have already been printed, but it is not critical. Afterwards, you can restart the TixiMEV and reconnect it to the MEV.