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Service Term:



Stripe Service

Stripe provides a service to process credit and debit card payments online. In addition, Stripe is committed to respecting and protecting your privacy and your data. As for you, you are responsible for the management of your business, the services provided to your customers, the protection of your customers' data, the declaration of your taxes and the payment of your taxes, and you must respect the laws, rules and regulations.

Get a Stripe service account

In order to open an account at Stripe, you must provide basic information about your business at the time of registration. Stripe then checks your information (Stripe may go through third parties to do so) and approves your service account, unless it is deemed risky. You must give Stripe permission to make the necessary checks and periodically update the information, otherwise Stripe will be required to discontinue the service.

Receive your funds from your card transactions

Stripe pays you for your transactions (minus Stripe fees and Tixigo ticketing fees) according to a schedule that is communicated to you once your service account is approved. Payments for your card transactions are usually sent directly to your bank account within 7 days. A certain amount of funds may be subject to an additional waiting period (e.g. reserve account) according to terms determined by your perceived risk history and transactions. You are responsible for refunds, returns and disputes from your customers (retro invoices).

Termination and other legal terms

Stripe may terminate this agreement at any time. You can also stop it at any time. The termination is effective immediately. Nevertheless, the termination of the agreement does not change your responsibility for processed payments or related billings. This section also includes all additional legal elements (e.g. indemnification, guarantees, assignment, etc.).