For any online purchase, your customer pays the ticket price as well as the ticketing fee if applicable.

Orders whose payment is other than Online do not include a ticketing fee and can only be made by the merchant.

The total amount of an order may include tips, if any, and applicable taxes.

The transaction with Stripe, the online payment platform that Tixigo uses, is as follows:

  • Stripe charges the total amount of the customer's credit or debit card order.
  • Stripe keeps $ 0.30 + 2.9% (2.2% for recognized charity) + 0.6% for a foreign card of the total order. The $ 0.30 is per order and not per ticket unless the order is for only one ticket!
  • Stripe then keeps Tixigo's fee (see below) and deposits it in Tixigo's Stripe account.

The remainder is the amount deposited in the merchant's Stripe account.

Any purchase remains in the merchant's Stripe account for 7 days and is then released and transferred to the merchant's bank account either daily or weekly.