• Ticket price

    The amount is decided by the merchant. Can include or exclude taxes and gratuity.

  • Gratuity

    A percentage (%) of the ticket price is available and could be 0%. Gratuity can be mandatory or discretionary. Note that per Quebec laws, mandatory gratuity is taxable. Each ticket category can count or not to calculate the order gratuity.

Warning - Stripe transaction fees will apply to the gratuity amount and it's up to you to deduct this fee (or not) before you distribute it to the employees.

  • Ticketing fee

    A special per ticket fee added and shown to clients as a separate price from the ticket price. It is used to recover Tixigo's fees for instance, or anything else like transaction fees. The merchant decides what amount this fee will be, but normally it is equal, but could be more than the actual Tixigo ticket fee.