Public ticket office

When you open the URL to the public ticket office and have more than once location,  it lets you select a location first and then shows the calendar. This is normal behaviour for the public ticket office.

You may need a way to give access to the ticket office for a specific location where to send to a specific client or to provide some sort of dispatch to the various locations from your web site and offer a nicer presentation. You can do that by adding a parameter to the URL of the ticket office that is "&locid=XXX" where XXX is the location Id (a number) representing a specific location.

You have no direct way of knowing what is the location Id of a location except by opening the merchant's ticket office and looking at the URL for the &locid= part at the end. See next section for more details. 

Merchant's ticket office

If you are in the calendar page of the portal and click on the icon to launch the merchan't ticket office it will automatically select the current location that is selected for the calendar. If All Locations is selected then you will have to pick a location first otherwise it will automatically select the current location. If you select a specific location then it will launch the ticket office for that specific location only.

Icon to access the merchant's ticket office

Icon to select a location