This update is the cumulative of the changes made since the start of the COVID 19 crisis. Although the website has been updated regularly since that time, we are consolidating the changes into one article.


Vouchers are a powerful promotional concept for your own usage or simultaneously to offer cross-promotions with external partners. A voucher is simply a ticket category in Tixigo that can be sold or given for free which is identified as a voucher. Normally vouchers are produced in a separate activity in the Tixigo portal. Vouchers are not associated to an event date, which requires a configured ticket office for such a situation.

Once a voucher is generated during a normal Tixigo transaction, the electronic ticket allows its holder to redeem it in your regular ticket office in order to obtain an equivalent ticket for a precise time and date. The voucher is in some sorts a master key ticket. You can even control the conditions of its usage;  the expiration date, the guaranteed value date and which events of your calendar allow or not the redemption for tickets.

It is also possible to generate a voucher with the purchase of another type of ticket. And so, upon the purchase of a regular ticket X, the client could receive a voucher that would give access to a regular ticket at a reduced price for next season or to another activity that you offer. The possibilities are endless and the best is to speak with us to find the way to achieve your objectives.

Another example is that you may generate vouchers (simply make an internal order in the voucher ticket office) that will be distributed to target people so that they have a complimentary ticket for specific days such as only on Tuesdays or Thursdays. The voucher allows its holder to decide when to use it according to your conditions. It is, of sorts, a single use flexible promotional code.

The voucher allows cross-promotions with partners. For example, a ticket office could sell an access to your business and an access at the neighboring business. Furthermore, instead of an access it can be a rebate on a product or service. This kind of offer would be ideal for the sale of a multi-partner "gift card". The partner businesses do not have to use Tixigo for their operations. The produced electronic ticket by your voucher will be assigned to the partner and he can validate it with Tixiscan without being a Tixigo client. If the partner has the control of his ticket office, he can even allow online voucher redemptions by using the programming API that Tixigo offers to validate and consume the generated vouchers.

We have developed a sales solution and a complete voucher management for a merchant and for a group of partners. Contact us to learn more and we can guide you through the various voucher possibilities.

Automatic Promotional Code

The automatic promotional code allows the automatic offering of a promotion to all customers without them having to know and input the code. By using a start and end date, as well as the other control settings, you can target a promotion that your customers will automatically benefit from.

Careful! If many promotional codes overlap, the ticket office will display the promo code in increasing order based on their Id number. 
It is not possible to input another code manually if an automatic code is in use.

Ticket office integration in your website

A new form of ticket office is available, it is integrated in the merchant's website. This new functionality, rather esthetic, allows a merchant to use Tixigo without having his customers change website when completing an online purchase. Reach out to us to put in place this new feature. 

Accepting online donations

In addition to Person and Product ticket type, a "Donation" ticket type has been added. Such a type asks the customer to choose the amount that he wants to give. You may impose a minimum amount if needed. There are no Tixigo fees for this category and no applicable taxes.

Fundraising model

We added a ticket office model for a fundraising activity where participants to the activity allow donors to encourage them. The participant will have access to a collecting page for their donors and a state of funds page. All based on the group ticket office by Tixigo! 


  • Online donation per person with fiscal receipt
  • Sharable donation page creation
  • Visibility of the sum given by donor
  • Visibility of an total amount gathered versus an established objective
  • Visibility of the statistics of the accumulated amount and the activity's deadline

Ticket Summary

It is now easier to see or to hide essential information per category in "Ticket Categories". The button "Show Summary" controls the visibility. It is located at the top right of the page.

The visible information consists of:

  • The creation of an electronic ticket
  • The number of the category
  • The summary code
  • The type of category
  • A mandatory quantity or not
  • The minimum and maximum amount available to choose in the ticket office
  • Visible or not
  • Taxable or not.

Questionnaire Editing

The questionnaire page is now similar to the "Ticket Categories" page. This gives the liberty to create or modify questions without affecting the ticket office in real time. A modified question will be updated in the ticket office only when the merchant will click on "Save".