There are cases where the total price includes a taxable portion or not and with or without gratuity. The packages allow to fragment the price of your tickets in various components while displaying all as one single ticket for your customers.

The sales report per ticket sold will show you the associated revenues for each component!

Example: A ticket to a show that includes dinner of the value of $90.00 could include a taxable meal with gratuity priced at $50.00 while $40 is allocated to the show with no tip and possibly taxable or not.

As tip and taxes are per category of ticket, it is possible to use the package to represent a simple ticket, but internally can identify the cost of each service that it includes. To do so, you need to define a package and to put a sub-category mandatory and invisible for each service having a distinct price.

In ticket categories, we define the package and its two sub-categories:

In the price list, input the price of the show and the price of the of the meal. The ticket office will display that the Show and Meal item with a price of $90.00. The sum of all the invisible sub-items while the visible sub-items will be counted separately as the price will be visible by the customer.