The Parking Model is made such that persons are not at the source of the capacity but rather the cars that take a parking spot. And so, the choice of packages and individual tickets for the event are for people but the number of people is not counted in the capacity. Click on this link to test a demo ticket office based on this model.

In order to create one of your own, simply create a new activity with "Parking" as a model.

View this article for more details on how to create an activity.

Main model characteristics:

  • One parking spot per order

Throughout the ticket office there are multiple messages stating that the limitation is the number of available parking spots for the event. Below is the message informing customers of such limitation prior to their choice of date.

  • Personal online shopping in order to add products to an existing order

At times we forget to order a product or to include someone. Considering each order equals one parking spot, then doing a second order would uselessly take a second parking space. Hence the store option included in the confirmation email makes up for this situation by allowing customers to add products to their existing order without having to do a second order.

  • Existing ticket categories with capacity counted parking category

The included exemplary categories are changeable in function of your packages and products. What is important to know is that the Person categories are not counted, they do not count in the location capacity. Only the group containing "Parking spot" is counted in the capacity. All the tickets produce an electronic ticket, except for "Parking spot", so that customers can each be scanned upon arrival for admission. Please note that there are certain categories which are invisible so that there is no display of impertinent information, and so making the ticket office less lengthy. In the case below, the title of the package already explains the amount of people included in the package.

Certain categories forced quantities in order to be able to maintain a count of the quantity versus capacity. Below, Parking spot is mandatory at one per order. There are other categories, such as those in the parent package, that force 1 adult and 2 children. To adjust the mandatory number per category, click on the pencil button at the right of the category and, at the bottom over the taxation tab, there is a Mandatory checkbox. Click on it and choose a number.

  • Existing price list with displayed parking spot

Since the parking spot is the limitation of this activity, it is important for it to be displayed in the ticket office. In order to do so, simply input the price of $0.00 so that it is displayed but without charge. However, nothing prevents you from charging for parking, in which the price is to your discretion.

Please note the packages, their total price and their sub-categories. If the package represents the total of the price of the included categories, then input a $0.00 price for the invisible sub-categories. In the case of the extra categories such as "Extra Person", which are visible, it is important to indicate a price so that they are available in the ticket office and add up with the package.

  • The Questionnaire includes a parking restriction validation

As last validation step, the questionnaire includes one question with a title explaining the limitation of the event. This reduces the chances of error on the customers side and advises them, for a third time, of the ongoing restriction.