Every event in the calendar has a state that affects the behaviour of the ticket office and the display style in the Portal:

  • Normal

The default state that represents a normal event. The Calendar displays the sum of locations inventory or the inventory of the current chosen location, if more than one location exists.

  • No Sales

This is for an event that does not allow ticket sales through a public ticket office. Serves only for an activity that uses the style Calendar or List of Days, thus being repetitive events. With this state it is possible to display the events in the ticket office that will simply show the text when looking at the list of events of the day. Normally, the text will be something such as the time of day when the event will take place. It is possible to write something else such as: Please call us to book.

It is a way to inform your customers that there is availability but online purchases are not possible.

  • Sold out

Allows to force an event into displaying Sold Out, as if all the tickets are sold. The ticket office will add a red "Complete" text over the event image as a visual identification.

Forcing an event into being Sold Out is identical to when there are no more tickets available, but in the Portal's Calendar, a event forced into Sold Out state will display "Sold Out" instead of the inventory summary (sold, reserved, available and capacity).

  • Cancelled

Allows to cancel an event which still displays the event in the ticket office but will be identified as "Cancelled" and possibly with an text over the event image similar as "Sold out".

A cancelled event stops the sale of the tickets and can allow customers who have already purchased their tickets to self refund themselves up to 60 days after the event, if the option is available. See self refund article for more details.

  • Postponed

Similar to "Cancelled" but will display "Postponed" which indicates that there will be a new date announced for the event. However, the self refund option, if available, is not functional after the event date. It will be up to you to decide if you wish to refund all the customers if the postponing is not possible, or to do the manual reimbursements on demand, or to change the sate to "Cancelled".

  • Capacity of 0

It is not a state per se but if you can put the capacity at 0, depending on the locations settings, it effectively makes the event unavailable but still visible in the ticket office. The calendar will display it as unavailable, it is as if it is an event pending in the calendar.