Here is a guide to summarize the various options available to you when you have to cancel all your upcoming events, whether it is due to a pandemic, disaster or any other reason that justifies it.

Close your Ticket Office

If the situation requires, you can close your ticket office so that people can no longer buy. Use the "Close Ticket Office" button in your activity settings. You can enter a title and an explanatory message that people will see if they access the ticket office.

Stop sending reminder emails

So that customers no longer receive the various reminder emails that Tixigo automatically sends, you must change the settings for your activity. In the Ticket Office tab then click on "Advanced Settings" then set the circled values to 0 and uncheck the box then save the changes.

Warning - remember to reset these settings to values of 48 (end of reservation) and 24 (reminder) and re-tick the box when your operations resume again.

Stop sending the satisfaction survey

So that customers no longer receive the survey, you must deactivate the satisfaction questionnaire.

Warning - Remember to reactivate it when you resume your activities.

Send bulk email to all your affected customers

Tixigo allows you to email multiple clients and allow them to reimburse themselves or change the date of their reservation. See this article for more details.

Refund an entire day

Check this article.

Stripe and funds for reimbursement

When you make a lot of refunds, Stripe may not be able to make them until there are sufficient funds in your Stripe account. Normally, your Stripe account quickly drains to send money to your bank account. 

Depending on your financial institution, Stripe may collect amounts directly from your bank account to allow refunds. If your bank account is lacking funds and Stripe cannot get what it needs then be sure to add funds and contact Stripe to see if they will make a new transfer or not in which case, follow this following.

Manual Wire transfer to Stripe

If your bank does not allow Stripe to take money from it, you will need to manually wire funds from your account to Stripe and then notify them that this transfer is complete.

Here are the coordinates for transfer to Stripe:

Beneficiary Name: Stripe Payments Canada Ltd.
Address: 885 West Georgia Street, Vancouver BC, Canada V6C 3E8
Beneficiary’s Bank: HSBC Bank Canada
Beneficiary Bank Address: 70 York Street, Toronto; Ontario, M5J1S9, Canada
Beneficiary’s Bank SWIFT BIC: HKBCCATT
Beneficiary’s Account Number: 819686002
Canada Routing Code: 001610002 

You must obtain a receipt from your bank and send it to PDF document or photo of the document are accepted. Stripe will confirm receipt of the money which can take 24 to 48 hours. Your Stripe account balance will adjust accordingly. Here we see the Tixigo account at a given time which reflects a moment in the repayment period during the COVID-19 crisis with negative amounts. We see that in our case, Stripe debits our bank account to make up for the reimbursement of Tixigo fees to our merchants.

Please note that sending an email to will require confirmation from you that you have a Stripe account. You will receive an email from Stripe with a link that will ask you to connect to Stripe (if not already done recently) and ask if you have sent the email in question. You can write to Stripe more directly by going to too.

Important - as there are fees to be paid for a bank transfer, it would be recommended to wait until all customers have been reimbursed before doing so. You will be able to get the final (negative) balance from your Stripe account and send this specific amount only once.