Hello everyone,,

Here are the new updates dated February 17, 2020.

  • Improved ticket categories

The Tixigo team is proud to present the improvements made to ticket categories. Until now, Tixigo offered only simple categories that may or may not count as a place in the main inventory of the location and all ticket categories produced an electronic ticket.

Here is a summary of the new options. See this article for more details and don't hesitate to contact support@tixigo.com to ask questions or get an online session to guide you.

  • You can now group ticket categories under a colored banner. This allows better identification of tickets when there are many categories.

  • A ticket category can identify a person or a product. This allows not to consider all purchases as being people and affects the summary of tickets displayed on the Reception page. A Product category can never count for a place in the inventory, however a Person category always has the option of counting or not according to need.

  • You decide whether a ticket category produces an electronic ticket or not. Whether for a Person or a Product, this option allows you to better control the use of electronic tickets. Note that if you do not use the electronic ticket, you can do it globally for your activity in its settings (Personalization and Electronic ticket).

    On the other hand, Tixigo recommends always choosing the relevant option to produce or not a ticket at the category level for the day you decide to use the electronic ticket. It will be easy to activate the global option and all existing orders will have their tickets available. If a category does not produce an electronic ticket and you change your mind later, existing orders will have no tickets for that category, only new orders.

  • Ticket limit. It is now possible to indicate the minimum (1) and maximum (100) number of tickets that a person can buy in an order for a given category.

    This option does not force a minimum, because not buying a ticket category is always allowed. But if you choose to buy it, you must respect the minimum and maximum indicated. Please note, you might want to review the maximum allowed for your categories, because the portal will have assigned either 15 or 50 depending on the case during the update. We can no longer have unlimited quantity, because the choice of quantity in the ticket office is now made by a drop-down list instead of typing a number which is easier to manage and validate.

  • Beginning and end of sale.

    You can now indicate when a category of tickets is available in the ticket office or when it should disappear. This makes it easier to manage the presale at different prices depending on the time and precise hour. 

  • Package concept

    The most important new feature is the package offer. The package allows for example to sell a set of tickets for a family of 2 adults and 2 children and even to offer a reduced price for additional children, because limiting a family to 4 people is too restrictive. You want to sell entire tables at your event and the package is perfect for this. There are plenty of ways to use the packages so consult the detailed article or contact us to translate your need into a solution.

    A package is a category in itself which can have a price or whose pricing is left to its sub-categories. A package contains at least one sub-category. The purpose of the sub-categories is to precisely manage the inventory (capacity) and the production of electronic tickets per person. A sub-category may involve a mandatory number of tickets, which qualifies the package. For example, for a Family package, we would have a mandatory Adult subcategory of 2 tickets and another Child also mandatory of 2 tickets. If we choose only one package in the ticket office, it will select 2 adults and 2 children and if we choose 2 packages then it will be 4 adults and 4 children. A third subcategory could be added for Additional Children which would not be mandatory and which could be limited to 2 or 4 for example ...

Note that the TixiScan mobile application will be updated shortly to take into account the new category options. An update will be released when the time comes.
  • New presentation of the images of an activity

The Images tab in Personalizing your activity or calendar event in "Event List" mode now displays images in all possible languages at a glance. Before, each language had its tab.

  • Questionnaire for a firm reservation

Note - you may not have access to firm reservation in your activity...

When you create a firm reservation and your activity has a questionnaire, you may want to fill it out during the phone call with the client. Note that the confirmation email gives him access to answer or modify the answers to the questionnaire, but it is safer to get answers if you do so at the time of the call. Each order gives access to answer the questionnaire and a firm reservation creates an initial order for the organizer and normally this will be the only order for this group.

It is now possible to launch the questionnaire screen to answer it after clicking on the Reserve button on the page to create a group reservation. To do this, you must activate this option in the Settings, Customization, Options and at the end there is "Questionnaire after firm" to check.

Note that it is also possible to access the questionnaire via the Action menu of an order and the Questionnaire item. If you use the "Reserve and Add Tickets" button instead of "Reserve", the questionnaire will not be displayed automatically and you will have to use the Action menu.

In the case of a firm reservation without issuing specific tickets, only general questions are accessible and not those by ticket!