Hello everyone,

Here are the new updates as of December 23, 2019.

  • Change in the presentation of ticket categories and fees

In order to reduce the quantity of prices in the ticket office, we have removed the total column in wide screen mode (it was already hidden in mobile device mode) and the quantity of tickets is now the right most column.

If a tip is required, an additional line will be entered with the mandatory tip rate or a selector in the case of a discretionary tip.

In order to simplify the display of fees (tip amount and taxes), we display only the total with all fees included in the ticket office. A "Details..." link under the total amount displays all the details. Amount of tickets before all fees (taxes and tip) that may be included in the ticket prices, amount of ticketing fees before taxes if any, taxes and information if a promo code is used. This is also valid for the customer's order / invoice, but in this case the link adds the information on the page in order to be able to print it.

Finally, if a category has a price of 0.00$, we now display Free. You can customize what should be displayed for a price of 0.00 in the "Free ticket" text setting in the Terminology section. Empty is possible or simply put 0.00$ if necessary!

  • Activity Customization Settings

Access to these settings is now available through the Settings and Customize menu. Before it was available in the activity settings in a tab.

The difference between the activity settings and those for customizing the activity is that the latter depend on the value of the model on which the activity is based and are settings that can adapt to multilingual markets.

  • Event date and time shown ASAP

The date and time of the event is now displayed in the ticketing steps area as soon as it is known. Before this information was only displayed at the bottom in the countdown zone and for some activities, you had to wait for the payment page before having this information!