TixiScan supports external scanners as an alternative to using the builtin camera. This option will scan faster and more reliably even in dark conditions. You must buy and connect a supported scanner and select Scanner in the TixiScan settings as the scanning device instead of the camera.

Any Tera Bluetooth model should work with TixiScan but we tested the following:

The Tera scanner series must be setup to work with TixiScan. Follow these instructions:

Connect the scanner to your device

  • Enable Bluetooh on your iOS device in the Settings and leave this page open for next step.

  • Connect the scanner to your mobile

Turn scanner On then press the scan button for about 8 seconds until a beep is heard. The BarCode ScannerHID device will show up in the list of BlueTooth devices on your mobile. Click on it to accept the connection. The scanner will beep once connected and blue light will flash.

Important: when the scanner is conected to your mobile device it acts as a keyboard and the onscreen keyboard will not appear anymore. You can turn the scanner off to recover the on screen keyboard or press the scan button twice (on the scanner) to toggle the keyboard when required. TixiScan does not require the keyboard at all.

Configure the scanner

Scan each of the following codes with the scanner one at a time. Scanner will beep to validate the code.

Scan at high speed

Code to mark the end of every scan

Optional Configuration

The following codes allowes you to configure the scanner based on your preferences.

Code to set sleep delay of the scanner

30 seconds

1 minute

5 minutes

Never Sleep

Code to control sound and vibration

Beep on scan

Silence on scan

Vibrate on scan (some models)

No vibration on scan (some models)

Factory reset

Scan this code to reset the scanner to factory default but only if you have issues.

WARNING - sone scanner models will also drop the Bluetooth connection after the reset. A double beep will be produced by a scanner that is not connected. You will have to drop the current scanner device in iOS then reconnect as explained above.


Factory reset