Here are the changes made during this update.

  • The summary of tickets or legend offers a new display format

The summary of the tickets displayed in the calendar on the Receipt / MaitreD page and elsewhere changes to a format that combines the category code followed by the number of tickets. Categories without tickets are no longer included which will greatly help those with many categories.

The old mode that shows that the number of tickets of all possible categories is still available. You can return to this mode by unchecking the option "Ticket detailed summary" in the settings of your activity, in the Options group.

In addition, the summary of the tickets combines the categories that have the same code to identify them (attention, lowercase and lowercase are different which gives more flexibility). So if we change the code of the young (f) for E so that all the children are together then it gives this. Valid for both display modes which can reduce the number of items in the summary.

Before we had E1,f2 and now only E3


  • The Reception/MasterD list includes one total per hour and for the full report

The total includes the summary of the tickets and the total of the columns with an amount. There is also a grand total for the entire report at the end.

  • Help for Form a Group

By clicking on the small information icon, you get an explanation of what the group offers. You can change the description in the activity's ticket office settings.

  • List of incomplete questionnaires changes

The setting that limited the changes to a questionnaire's answers from a certain time before the start of an event did not really make sense. If tickets are allowed to be sold for a certain period of time, the questionnaire must be completed at least until that time and even a certain time later if mandatory questions are not included in the ticket office. We have set this limit to 30 minutes after the end of ticket sales for an event.

So the meaning of the setting changes to just decide from when an order with unanswered mandatory questions should appear in the tracking list in the dashboard. This list allows you to follow up with people if the answers are crucial to your activity.

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