Hello everyone,

Here are the latest updates completed recently.

  • MaitreD/Reception page has an updated list view

Before this update, you had to click on the printer icon to access to list of all groups and orders for the current event and then use another print icon to actually print the list.

You now get a menu item "List" near the other ones (Sales, Report) that will show the printable list. We also added a new Day List that will show the list of all groups and orders from the current event and all others to come in that day with a time separator.

The list also has two checkboxes at the top to control the content. 

  • Detailed Pricing will show or hide 5 columns of the pricing section which may be useful to get more room for notes and other columns.
  • Group detailed checkbox will show or hide the members in a group. These settings are persistent per browser.

Finally, the Notes column will now include the name of the group or the name of the organizer depending on the first column that is selected for sorting in the MaitreD/Reception page. This is to make sure you do not miss any important information. When hiding the members of groups, special requests and notes would normally be hidden, but they will be added to the group's  Notes field with a label saying "Group members notes:", simply show the group details to see what person has such notes or special requests.

  • Customers can now update the name associated with their eMail

When a customer makes a transaction with any Tixigo merchant we keep a customer file with name, phone number and email. Whenever the same email is used for a new transaction Tixigo ensures that the first and last name of the new order matches the ones in file and this is to ensure that a mistake in an email will not replace the name of a customer! Such a situation could happen because of a typo error or simply because some people share the same email (family, couple, ...)

Email is the unique identifier of a customer in Tixigo and will allow one day, if the need exists, to allow customers to login with a password and access more advanced options. If Tixigo kept the name and email individually for each order / transaction and thus avoid this potential conflictual situation, it would be impossible to offer a connection without doing it the way it's done todayby having a single central customer record.

Before this update, we were warning the customer that there was a mismatch and showed them part of the first and last name in file to help them figure out what name was used in the past and to use the same name to complete the transaction. With this update, we still warn people but offer them to fix their name or to confirm they own the email and replace the name with the new one entered.

The confirmation process is simple, we send a 6 digit code to the email and we ask the customer to enter those digits in the ticket office popup screen to validate that they own the email. Then they can complete the transaction.

  • Group progress pages will now include orders for any event of the day

Progress pages allow basic workflow management for groups when the activity requires it. Before this update, a progress page would only handle groups for the currently selected event (meal or otherwise) but often when events are close to each other people are late or ahead of time and you may want to still have them managed by the workflow without having to switch the currently selected event.

Starting with this update, progress pages will manage groups for the entire day because the state of the group is what should drive the workflow and not the actual time. Still the initial state that all groups start with may or may not be included because it would show up all groups initially at the beginning of the day. Well you have the option to include only the currently selected event or all events of the day for the first state with an activity settings in the Options group. Contact us for more details or to learn more about group progress pages and workflow management.