The use of the tags in the portal makes it possible to identify certain elements with a special code. It is especially used for promotional codes that require certain conditions before you can apply the discount code. Tags are used to identify these conditions.

One of the most used cases is the application of the promo code for certain dates only (such as Fridays, weekends or 1st of the month for example)

When creating the promo code, you must put a tag in the Event Control section. Events Containing: (name of the tag). The name can be the same as the promo code, it is only necessary to choose one that will allow us to identify it. For example, if it's to give a discount every Friday, the label could be named Friday.

Then, we have to go put this tag for each time slot of the calendar where we want the code to apply.

The same principle applies for other types of situations. We can for example put a tag for a particular ticket category. In this case, you must put the name of the tag in the appropriate section (Category Control). You must then put the tag for that ticket category in the settings (go to Activity / Ticket Category and then edit and add the tag).

Another trick to simplify things is to make a new special price list for certain promotions. For example, an adult ticket falls at half price on Saturday nights.

- We create a price list with the discount for the adult price.

- In the promo code, we put by price list and we add the new

- We put a tag in Event Control containing: Saturday night

- In the calendar, we change each time slot on Saturday night by adding the label.

Tags can also be used to exclude certain elements. We then have the option to put the choice "not containing".

Special case

This special case is probably more common for sugar shacks as they work by schedule. It is a code that is put on the tag and allows consumers to choose a time in the box office, but that is not found in the calendar. It can also be seen as an extension of a time slot.

In the calendar, as a tag we put the following code: [30,60,]. The numbers represent the number of minutes after the time period.

So, if we put this code for the 9am time slot, consumers will see in the ticket office the choice of 9h, 9h30,10h. No matter what time they choose, ticket sales will be listed in the 9am time slot on the calendar.

Very few customers use this type of label, but it could be used in certain situations or according to specific needs.