Your ticketing settings support HTML codes. It is therefore possible to customize your ticketing titles by changing their size or color.


The colors of your ticket office are fully customizable in the Colors tab (Settings / Activity / Personalization). You can still add color for the text information when you buy tickets.

To change the color of this text, go to Activity / Location. Click the pencil to edit, and then go to the Text tab.

Enter this code: <FONT COLOR = "# ff0000"> Add your text here </ FONT>

The red part is the color code you want. Several sites offer you colors with their HTML codes. You can also use the specimen in Photoshop to select a specific color and copy / paste its code.

Example after code application

The sizes

You can insert the HTML code that allows you to change the size of the characters in your ticketing settings.

Go to Settings / Activity / Personalization and then the settings tab.

** Note that the size of the event name can not be changed

Enter this code: <span style = "font-size: 14px;"> Text </ span>

Change the number to red for the size of characters you want. However, we suggest that you preview your results in mobile mode, as it may change the display.

Code example with a size 18

Other codes

Here are some other codes that you could use to customize your titles.

For bold characters: <span style = "font-weight: bold;"> Bold text </ span>

For italicized characters: <span style = "font-style: italic;"> italicized text </ span>

For underlined characters: <span style = "text-decoration: underline;"> underlined text </ span>