You can insert special codes in many settings related to order eMails that will be replaced by their actual value. Simply insert a code anywhere is a text setting that support codes.

Here is the list of codes:

{eventName}The name of the event.
{eventWhen}The date and time or any other text set as the event when setting.
{eventTime}The time of the event. Only available for calendar and list of days style of ticket office and only if you set a custom time.
The event's About text.
The order number.
{merchant}The name of the merchant account - company name.
{firstName}The first name of the owner of the order.
{lastName}The last name of the owner of the order.
{group}The name of the group if any.
{orderUrl}The URL to show the order page - also know as the invoice.
{ticketsUrl}The URL to show the tickets pages.
{groupUrl}The URL of the group's ticket office.
{numPeople}Number of people in order that counts for a place in the inventory. Count order items that map to a ticket category of type Person.
{numPeopleNC}Same as above but for people that do not count as a place.
{numProducts}Number of product items in order.
{numPackages}Number of packages in order.
{numETickets}Number of electronic tickets in the order. Not each ticket category produces an eTicket!
{cause}The cause set in the Fiscal Receipt section of the settings if fiscal settings are enabled for your activity.
{empty}An empty string if that is ever required.
{confmsg}The content of the confirmation email message. Useful to set the reminder message to the same content and not have to update two identical messages.