The ticket office in "event list" mode allows the display of several events on the same home page, specifying the details of each. Events must be similar in some aspects.What is important to understand is that all events share the settings of the "commercial" activity in which they are part of, except those on the Custom tab which can be set per event for this ticket office style. So the management of taxes, gratuity are common to all events. The events are shown in a single ticket office which allows you to see them all on the homepage. If this does not work, then it is better to have one activity per event and thus have complete control over each one, but for the moment, Tixigo does not allow the presentation more than one activity at a time to access a ticket office. It would be up to your website to present the various events (activities) and include a button to access their ticket office.

In addition to being individually configurable, each event has its own URL link that can be shared. You can personalize each color of your ticket office and add a background image that will help your ticket office stay true to your brand.

Here is an overview of the "event list" ticket office

To see or try the ticket office in "event list", click here

To learn about the visual configuration of the ticket office, you can refer to this article