At Tixigo, we offer a completely multi-lingual online ticketing service that includes social media sharing. To do this, your activity in your portal must be able to support more than one language. In the Settings / Activity menu, then on the Localization tab, you can see which languages are allowed for your activity.

Afterwards, you can configure the images and texts of the publications that will be shared in both languages. You will have a French and English version of your publications.


Go to Settings / Activity and then on the Customization tab. Then click on Images. Add your image under Facebook Image and Facebook Image For Groups. The first is used for the publication of your ticket office link. The second is used when a member of a group shares their group's ticket office on Facebook. The two images do not need to be different, but if you do not put any, the publication will display an empty square as an image.

Do not forget to insert your images in the opposite language by changing tabs. Go only in the opposite language of your default language. If your activity is in French by default, go add your images under the tab in for their English version. You do not need to put the images in the three tabs since the system will use the default language for sharing publications. You will be explained below how to share Facebook posts using the other language.

The texts

For text configuration, go to Settings, and on the Customization tab. Scroll down the page until you see the Facebook section. Here you can insert a title and a description that goes with the image of the publication of the ticket office link and the group's ticket office in both English and French. Default texts are already inserted for publications. They can be used for promotion, description of your activity or any other aspect you want to put forward. Just make sure it's not too long, as it can alter the publication. In general, it is advisable to write a maximum of one or two sentences.

Publish ticket office links in the language of your choice

Your customers and you as a merchant can share Facebook posts in the language you prefer. To share your ticket office online, you need to go to Settings / Activity and Ticket Office. Then go to Ticket office Links.

When you share these links, Facebook will publish them in the default language of the activity. To change the language of the ticket office links, you must manually edit the URL link, before publishing it, by adding a code at the end that will determine the language.

For example, if your activity is in French by default, then you must insert this code: "& locale = en" at the end of the URL link to make it in English. Use "& locale = en" to make the ticket office link in French if your activity is in English.

The Share / Partager button in the group ticket office

Your client-organizers who use the purchase option to form a group create a group ticket office that can share on Facebook using the Share button on the ticketing page. The group's ticket office will be shared in the current language of the ticket office. To share in the other language, you have to change the language by clicking on the name of the language located at the top right, then click on the button before sharing.

Share / Partager button in emails

The Share / Partager button in emails automatically shares in the language of the email. Since we can not change the language of an email (after it is sent), we must change the language in the same way as mentioned above. That is, you have to share from the group's ticket office and change the language and then use the Share button. To access the ticket office, simply click on the link in the email.