Alternative ticketing allows a certain type of customer to have access to a different price list from the regular list. This may include, for example, a VIP client for an event or clients who are members of an organization and can benefit from a reduced price. This is another way to proceed instead of using promotional codes that can become redundant or impractical in these particular situations.

The goal is to allow a customer to have more than one link at the box office to offer other prizes. Ex. Ticketing member and non-member price for a conference. They will send a link to the box office that contains member prices and publish the one with the non-member awards on their website to the general public.

To do this, you must first configure your event or multiple events in your calendar. Please refer to the article Create / delete / modify an event in the calendar to know how to proceed.

Once you've put a price list on your event (the one that's regular or accessible to everyone through the normal box office), you can get other ticketing shops that will use other price lists - alternative price list. For information on how to add a price list, please refer to the article Setting Up a Ticketing Activity and go to section D.

You just have to decide on a code to use to identify the new box office. Ex. "Member" will be the code for ticketing for members of an organization. In principle the code should not be too obvious to guess, but it is not necessary either.

The idea is to make a price list which will be named after the name of the normal price list of the event followed by a dash and the code in question. So here, if we define a price list with the name "Regular-Member" we can have a ticket office that will use this price list instead of the regular list. This is valid for all price lists because if you have a multi-day event with prices that vary from day to day it would be the same principle, each price list that is used in the calendar may have an alternative price list with the dash and the chosen code.

Now to access an alternative box office, we take the regular ticketing URL and we add at the end "& ppalt = code" (we do not include the "" and code is the chosen code.


We add the code & ppalt = free after the URL

By making Enter, the ticket price list will be modified

Later, you can copy the URL link containing the new price list to send it to your specific customers to access this price list.