You can use Tixigo as a reservation / ticketing system for your private events.

When you add events / meals from your calendar, you have the option to check the Private option. In doing so, the public will not have access to the ticket office for this event.

To add multiple private events / meals, you select the period and fill in the fields. Be careful when adding events as a block, because if you check Private, all events / meals that will be added will be private and inaccessible to the public.

If it's a single event / meal, double-click on the desired date and fill in all the fields.

Afterwards, you can choose a different price list for this event / meal. To create a new price list, go to Settings in your left menu and click on Price List. Then click on the + to add a new list with new prices.

If you want to add a ticket category, you must first add it in Ticket Category and then click on the +
A private event / meal offers the same options as a regular event, the only difference being that the general public can not go through the online ticket office.
So you can take bookings as you usually do by clicking on the three little guys next to the time slot of the event.

Customers must therefore contact you so that you take their reservation. If you select Online as the booking type, a link for a group ticket office of the private event/meal will be sent to the customer.