Learn how to use the Tixigo online portal

 Dashboard, Calendar, Maitre D (Reception), Reports, Mobile App, Ticket Office

To learn about setting up an activity, read the document Ticketing configuration - Activity


The Dashboard displays the bookings to be followed, the real-time revenue and meal preparation (the Kitchen option must be checked in the settings)


To learn how to add events to the calendar, please refer to the document Creating / Deleting / Modifying an Event in the Calendar

The calendar is used to see which dates have tickets sold and to take reservations

Understanding a time slot


At noon, there are 12 tickets sold and no reservations. There are still 83 tickets available on a capacity of 95 places.

To make a reservation

In case a customer contacts you by phone to make a reservation.

Here are the steps to follow:

1- Select the desired date and make sure there are still places available (if D000 is displayed, there are no more tickets for this date)

2- Move the mouse over the date and click on the three little guys icon or click on the date to see the details at the bottom of the page. Click on the three little guys icon that is completely to the left. 

The booking window will open in front of you.

                                                                                                                                              Booking window

3- There are three types of reservations possible. There is an online booking, firm or with deposit. The definitions are explained in the question mark, right next to Reservation Type.

4- Enter the number of people for the reservation, the details of the customer, etc. The chosen language will be the language used for emails. Make sure you have filled in all fields including the group name. If there is none, you can click Copy First Name and Last Name below Name of group.

5- Click on Book and Add Tickets or Book.

By clicking on Book;

  • The customer will receive a confirmation email
  • The link to the ticket office will be included in this email
  • Your customer must use the email link to purchase their tickets

By clicking on Book and Add Tickets;

  • Sell a portion of the reserved tickets to your customer immediately
  •  Issue notes without prepayment, but specify the category

Make a sale at the same time as booking (Book and Add Tickets)

1. Choose the payment method. When you choose "Online" you use our platform to make the payment. If you select another type of payment, you must charge the customer separately using your own credit terminal or by cash.

2. Enter the number of categories of tickets the customer wants to buy right away. Confirm the sale and complete the credit information.

Explanation of the three types of reservation

1- Online

An online reservation will have an expiration date

2- Firm

A firm booking does not know the ticket category of reserved tickets. Knowing the category helps in meal planning and quantities. We must also pay attention to the risks of "No Shows".

3- With Deposit

A deposit booking is the number of tickets that must be sold to secure the booking. On a presale, refund rules apply.

To search for a reservation

At the top of your screen, to the left of your merchant name, you can search for one or more bookings.

Search by first name, last name, group name, order # or phone # (10 digits without format), then click on the magnifying glass.

Tracking reservations

Select a date and time in the calendar and see the bookings attached to it. You can instantly edit sections highlighted in blue.

To edit a client folder

If you want to modify a customer's information (phone number, email address), you must click on the pencil on the right of the customer's name.

 To cancel or edit a group reservation (Blue Button)

To cancel or edit a group reservation (Green Button)

The green button allows you to completely or partially cancel reservations.

Cancel / Refund tickets (partial refund)

You can refund the number of tickets you want by ticket category. The repayment options correspond to the reimbursement rules that you have made when setting up your activity. However, you can edit them manually.

Important: Stripe's fees will not be refunded. Those of Tixigo only apply for a full refund.

Cancel / Refund the order (full refund)

The manual option allows you to choose the refund amount on a case by case.

Important: Stripe fees are not refunded to the merchant.

Booking Management "Book and Pay"

The Book and Pay folder includes all customers who have been through online ticketing by clicking on the "Book and Pay" or "Buy Tickets" option (ex: Pascale Boily)

For customers who have used the option to form a group in online ticketing, they will be displayed with the name of their group next to a folder icon.

(ex: Gang of Poly 88)

By clicking on the "Actions" button at the beginning of a time slot, you can send an e-mail to all the customers who bought tickets in this time slot. This is useful when you want to communicate last minute information.

Maitre D (Reception)

This item allows the management of arrivals, meals or preparation for cooking depending on the type of event you perform.

By clicking on the basket, you can see the details of the tickets.

The placement in Maitre D '

If you want to make a table placement, you must first configure the settings.

1. Click on the "Settings" item in the main menu and make sure Tables is checked in Activity / Personalization / Settings

2. Go to Settings / Locations / Tables, and add the number of tables, sections desired.

When your groups make reservations, you can make the placement at the tables by clicking on the group name and bringing it into one of the boxes.

Reports for a meal

You can consult your sales reports and / or the questionnaire in order to effectively prepare for your meals or event. The questionnaire report is the one you set up when you created your activity. By clicking on it, you access all the collected data.


The Reports item allows you to view all types of reports according to the selected period.

                                                     All the reports available to you

Mobile App

This item allows you to configure the Tixiscan application for receiving your e-tickets. Once the application is downloaded, you must scan the code daily to stay up-to-date. Please refer to the ticket handling procedure. The app is only available in the app store. To find it, you must type «tixigo» in the search bar

Ticket Office

This item allows you to see your online ticket office directly from the portal. The changes you make to your ticket office are done immediately. This is a shortcut to view your ticket office as if you were a customer.