If you are producing a PDF document to promote your business, it is likely that you will be using Microsoft Word. In order to ensure that the user-friendly ticketing link does not appear in the PDF, you must associate it with a word or phrase. It is also important to specify that the link will open a new window in the browser, which will prevent people who receive the PDF by email from leaving their email application (Gmail, Outlook, Hotmail, ...).

Here's how to proceed:

Enter your text and then mark the word or words that will be used to click to access the ticket office office, ( in this example, the words are Book Online). Then right click to see the context menu and choose Link or Link according to Word.

A window will appear and simply paste the link to the box office in the Address field. Here we right click in the field and we choose Paste or Paste according to Word. You can also type Ctrl + V to paste the link.

Finally, it must be indicated that the link should not replace the current web page (if you access the PDF in an email on the web for example), but rather open a new page. Use the Target Frame button and in the drop-down menu choose _blank. Note that some email applications do not open the document in another web page!

That's it, you just have to export your document in PDF format!