This is an additional tool that you have to manage bookings some of which will pay only on the spot, but you want to make the engagement more official by asking the organizer to buy a certain number of tickets or Group members buy to convert a limited time reservation into a firm reservation.

The concept is simple, you create a group with the merchant's box office and choose "Continue Without Ticket" which takes you to the page to enter the information about the organizer. A new field now allows you to enter the minimum number of tickets required to secure the booking by becoming firm and therefore without expiration. By choosing a minimum number of tickets required, the expiration date of the reservation automatically changes to the normal date if the group was made online. The organizer receives his confirmation email indicating the need to purchase the tickets to confirm the reservation.

As soon as the number of tickets purchased exceeds the minimum required, the reservation becomes firm and will not expire. Note that the minimum purchase must be one or more orders and before the reservation expires. The reminder email before the end of the reservation is always sent if the required minimum amount of tickets is not reached and the email will clearly indicate that there is little time left to purchase the missing tickets.

When the booking expires, and therefore the minimum amount of tickets is not reached otherwise the reservation does not expire, the email will indicate to the organizer that it has not achieved the objectives and that all unsold tickets are now released and if he wants to cancel the group, as far as the terms allow, he must contact you very quickly. You can always give the group more time to complete the purchase by setting an expiration date as needed.

The minimum purchase of tickets can be done online or otherwise through you using the group's ticket office for, for example, taking an order over the phone or for on-the-spot payment. Orders marked "Not Paid" do not count towards the billing calculation to reach the required minimum, but all other orders will be counted online or by another type of payment.

This option replaces the concept of a guaranteed deposit that has no legal force in Quebec under the Consumer Protection Act 13. By cons the terms for the sale of a good or service is completely at the discretion of the merchant, but what he announces as modality must be respected.

Here is the text of the emails sent to the organizer at the time of the update of the article: