A firm reservation consists of reserving places for a client until the moment of the event. Such a reservation does not expire and therefore you guarantee to the customer that his places are reserved. .

In fact a firm reservation has an expiry date, but it is equal to the date of the event - ie at midnight of that date. You can change the expiration date of a reservation in the portal and thus give more or less time to a customer to find a taker among his group for reserved tickets. By putting a date equal to that of the event you make sure that the reservation will not be released and the tickets sold to others.

A check box "Firm" is also available for a group in the portal. When this box is checked, it indicates to Tixigo that this reservation is firm in the financial sense and that all the tickets of the group are considered sold which changes the values displayed in the boxes of the calendar (sold, available, ...). ). Checking the Firm box changes the expiration date of the reservation to make it firm, but unchecking it does not change the date. Likewise, changing a group's expiration date to the day of the event checks the Firm box. If necessary, we can uncheck Firm even if the reservation does not expire what does not consider the tickets as sold and therefore change the color of the box in the calendar. It all depends on your needs, but in general we can ignore the Firm box and manage the expiration date, because it determines whether a reservation can or can not expire before the event.

When the Firm box is checked, the information displayed in MaitreD is also affected. If fewer tickets were sold than the group size then the unsold tickets are classified after those confirmed and put in ().

Example for a firm group of 12 persons having 4 adult tickets and 2 teenagers sold and none for children and babies then the summary of the tickets would be: 4,2,0,0 *, (6) where (6) indicates the number of tickets farms that should be sold on site. The star * indicates a category of ticket that does not count for a place and that is used mainly to list babies who remain in the arms of an adult or a high chair or other.