Online payment

Online payment means that a selection of tickets is required, and that the total that includes the ticketing fee will be paid online through Stripe. This mode requires the entry of a Visa, MasterCard or Amex credit card or a Visa or Mastercard debit card. You must choose the type of online payment in the box office to use this mode.

Normally, an online payment is made by the customer himself using the public ticketing available on your website. Only the online mode is offered elsewhere for your customers.

A merchant can also make an online payment for a customer who calls on the phone or shows up at the merchant's box office or even the public one, although the merchant's box office offers a few more options and eliminates any constraints for customers.

Payment on the spot

On-the-spot payment is made in person or by telephone and does not include online payment. It can be a payment in cash or by debit or credit using your own Moneris or other devices. Such a payment is prepared by the merchant by creating an order in the box office and adding the required notes. The total calculated by Tixigo will be the amount to be collected from the customer by the chosen method of payment. Subject to certain restrictions, no ticketing fee is charged for an on-site payment method.

The concept of on-the-spot payment simply allows e-tickets to be issued to customers who pay on-the-spot instead of online, and also to know who paid for their tickets.

Sales to passers-by, as well as groups that have a firm reservation and will pay on-site at the time of the event are normal sales as you have always done before the arrival of Tixigo. You use your cashier for these sales, although you could also use the Tixigo box office if you prefer.

Choice of payment in the ticket office

The choice of a type of payment other than online is available only through the merchant's box office. To use it you must go through the page "Add tickets" which allows you to choose tickets and get an amount. The payment type is in yellow in the image below:

By default, it is Online which is chosen and it corresponds to a payment by Stripe which will require to enter information of a credit or debit card at the end. All other choices are custom payment methods for your use, depending on what you offer in your checkout (this list can be easily changed according to your needs). Just choose the mode that corresponds to the way the payment is collected. Using a mode other than Online automatically sets the ticket amount to $ 0.

The ticketing fee is still $ 0 for an on-site payment method. However, GangBooking will charge you $ 0.50 per e-ticket issued in excess of the quantity offered for free. The free quantity included is 25% of all tickets issued (online and on-site) during the year and only tickets with a value of $ 8 or more are considered. For this calculation, a year covers from January 1st to December 31st. For example, if you sell 4000 online tickets of $ 8 or more in the year and 1500 on the spot, you are entitled to 25% of 5500 tickets or 1375 free tickets on site. The 125 excess tickets (1500 - 1375) will be charged to you at $ 0.50 each for a total of $ 72.50.

It's important to note that the sales summary report counts ONLY the online sales for the moment so it's up to you to handle the sales on the spot.

The type "Not Paid" is used to indicate those who may have to pay on the spot, or at the latest at the time of the meal directly in your checkout. Please note, tickets whose order remains in the Not Paid state will not be valid for a scan. The mobile application will tell you that the order is not paid. You will then be able to change the payment status to another type in the portal as soon as the payment is done and thus scan the tickets. It is not possible at the moment to use online payment to pay for an order that is Not Paid, this type of payment is reserved for payments on the spot. Online payment is only at the time of order creation.

The "Ticketing" menu of the portal is probably associated with the group booking (Book and Share), because it is the only option that allows a reservation with payment on the spot. You can also use the ticketing "Book and Pay" which does not make a group. The distinction is right at the customer level, and reduces confusion. If the customer who comes to your home pays for his entire group and does not want to allow others to join separately later, then take "Book and Pay". His confirmation email will be simpler. Otherwise, if it's the organizer of a group, and others will pay online or on site like him, then make a sharing group with "Book and Share".

If your Ticketing menu does not give you access to the two choices Book and Share and Book and Pay, then make the request or access your ticketing through your website by being connected to the portal on another page of the browser. The fact that you are logged into a browser page makes the ticket office aware that you are a merchant and will clearly indicate this in the ticketing title.

If you receive on site a member of an existing group, then you must use the box office of the group to register his purchase and not the general ticketing or you will create an order that is not attached to the group, which can cause confusion for people! Use the "Action" menu then "Group Ticketing" on the line of the group in question and you will have the choice of payment method (use the search tool at the top if necessary to find the group, and if you are already in the meal and you look for it in the long list displayed under the calendar, you can also use the search of the CTRL-F navigator and type the first letters of the name of the group or the person, to go faster).

Payment type in the portal

A field in the calendar indicates the payment method applied to an order. Note that a payment made online is not displayed as such, because once payment is made, Stripe tells us what type of card it is, so Visa is a choice for both Stripe and on site with your devices. Stripe payment methods are in black while custom modes for on-the-spot payment are in brown or red (not paid) and are underlined because it is possible to change the payment method at any time except those made online by Stripe.