Cancellations and refunds of an order 

Cancellations and refunds are made from your calendar.

 1) Find the command to cancel faster using the search bar at the top left. You can write the customer name, email, phone #, order #, etc. Then, click on the command you want to cancel, it will bring you into your calendar. 

2) There are two types of cancellations / refunds. The first is a partial refund (a portion of the tickets is refunded) and the second a full refund. In this case, the entire order will be canceled. 

For a partial refund;

 You must click on the green Actions button which is completely to the right and select Cancel / Reimbursing notes   You choose your refund option and select the amount of tickets you wish to refund. The initial order will be canceled, but a new order with the correct number of tickets will be created automatically thereafter. Please note that Stripe and Tixigo fees are not refunded during a partial refund.

For a full refund;

You must click on the green Actions button located on the far right and select Cancel / Refund Choose the refund option (penalties) and make sure it is the right order, as this action is irreversible. If you have canceled an order in error, contact us at support@tixigo.comPlease note that Stripe's fees are not refundable upon a full refund 

To cancel a group 

you must first cancel the commands that have been made. To cancel an order, click on the Green Actions button and click Cancel / Refund Order. Warning: If you cancel only the group without canceling the commands of this group, they will appear in Master D / Reception. Once all group orders are canceled or there are no orders, click the blue Actions button, then click Cancel.

 Reserved and / or unsold tickets will be returned to the box office. Orders and canceled groups will have a line on their name and order number. To hide canceled groups / orders 

To hide the canceled groups and orders that are displayed in your calendar,

 click on the eye, which is at the top right. 

Convert a command to a group 

To convert a simple order (book and buy tickets) into a group, simply click on the green Actions button located to the far right of the order, then click on Convert to group. By default, the name of the group will be that of the client. You can change the group name, size, or expiration date as needed. All editable elements are highlighted in dotted lines. 

To attach an order to a group

 To join a simple order (book and buy tickets) to a group, just click on the green Actions button located to the far right of the order, then click on Join Group. You will then have the choice of the group in which you want to join the order. If the order is not at the correct date, you can click Move and choose the correct time range and then attach the order to the group.