Tixigo helps you manage your reservations and pre-payment of tickets online or on-site or on-site payment at the time of the event.

One tends to use the term reservation for groups using the "Form a group" option of the ticket office, a concept unique to Tixigo. Such a reservation postpones the payment of the tickets over a period of time and may even postpone it until the moment of the event by paying to your credit union (firm reservation). As a merchant you will also use group booking for phone inquiries or those who are traveling to your business.

As a merchant, you have many ways to collect payment for bookings to produce e-tickets. If you do not need e-tickets then you must use a firm booking and have your customers pay at your cash desk during the event. The presentation of a ticket or not is the key to determine if a customer must pay on the spot or not, but without ticket you must make sure that the customer has a reservation by consulting the portal and more specifically with the page MaitreD .