To make your customers' lives easier, Tixigo does not require a password. A customer who makes a transaction with the ticket office or if you do it on his behalf will have a customer account that will be identified by his email. It is therefore very important that the first and last name of a customer entered in the box office correspond to the email used. The email should not be used to choose who will go to the message, it must be the email of the customer. 

What can happen is to make an order for a customer A and then another customer B possibly member of the same group as A makes an order, but uses the email of A because he does not have an email. Since he will use his name and an existing email from A, the system will refuse the transaction because a client already exists and the first and last names are not similar enough which is a sign of an identity problem.

As a merchant you can change the name and surname as well as the email of a customer account in the portal by using the pencil on the right of the customer name of an order.

Be vigilant when making changes. Changing the email of a customer account for an email that is already being used for another customer account will combine the orders of the two accounts and keep only one customer account. The portal provides some protection against an unwanted merger by ensuring that the First Name and Last Name of the customer whose email is changed is quite similar to the existing customer's, otherwise it does not change the email and tells you how do it anyway if necessary.

Changing the First and Last Name and the telephone number does not cause any problem as long as it matches the person targeted by the email otherwise your data will lose some of their meaning.