Welcome to Tixigo!

You have received an email to give you the information required to evaluate our service.

Here are some relevant information before you start:

Legal considerations

It is important to read and accept Tixigo's terms of service before becoming an official customer.

Basic information

  • Merchant Portal

The portal is your private access as a registered merchant in Tixigo. It gives you access to your booking calendar, your reports and much more. You must log in to access, you will have received the information required by an invitation email.

  • Ticketing

The ticket office is a website provided by Tixigo that allows you to take reservations for your customers or to let them take them themselves if you wish and layer online by credit card Visa, Mastercard and American Express or by card debit card Visa or MasterCard. In some cases, ticketing may not be available to your customers directly to allow you to fully control the booking process. The site is adapted to your colors as much as possible.

Two ways of booking are available to you and your customers:

  • Book and Pay

A customer chooses the date and time and the number of tickets required according to the categories offered (Adult, child, ...) and pays the total amount online. He will receive a confirmation email that includes an order receipt and his e-tickets. The principle is that one person pays for everyone.

  • Book and Share or Form a Group

A customer organizes a group, but everyone will have to pay for his or her tickets. The organizer uses this option and indicates the group size, the date and time of the meal and then he has to buy his own tickets, at least one. He will receive a confirmation email that includes his order receipt and electronic tickets, but in addition he will receive an internet link at the box office of the group he has created. This link must be sent to group guests to purchase their tickets. This option is a really handy tool for your groups and greatly helps group leaders to manage their booking with you.

The important feature of group booking is that the group will have a limited period to purchase reserved tickets (eg 15 days or less). After this deadline, the unsold tickets are released and available to all. Reminder e-mails are sent to the organizer to inform him of deadlines. He will also have a report that tells him who bought tickets and when.

More details are available directly in the box office, feel free to consult the FAQs of each of these two modes also to find out more.

  • Public ticketing

Public ticketing is the one your customers will use from your website if you offer this option. It offers everything that is explained in the previous section.

  • Group ticketing

This ticket office is specific to each group created by an organizer and the internet link too. People who access it simply choose the number of tickets in each category and pay. It is important that a group's guests use the group ticketing that the organizer receives in their confirmation email so that they are associated with the group. If they go through the box office, they will get places, but will not be attached to the group.

  • Stripe

Stripe.com is the online payment platform used by Tixigo. It's very similar to PayPal, but Stripe is dedicated to businesses, not individuals. The transaction fees are the same for both. For the test period, you do not need to worry, but know that to use Tixigo, you will need to create a Stripe account at no cost and enter the bank account of your company. Stripe collects the amounts paid by customers, keeps its transaction fees, deposits Tixigod charges in our account and the rest will be transferred after 7 days into your bank account.

  • Account of your customers

What you need to know about your customers' Tixigo account.

Access the portal

To get started log in to the Demo Trader Portal using your email and password. You can do whatever you want, this portal is for evaluation purposes only and the transactions are done with a Stripe account in test mode which means that payments and repayments are normally made with Stripe, but without any exchange of money in the end .

For all tests, use this fictitious credit card number: 4000001240000000, security code 123 and an expiry date in the future.

Give this information in addition to the box office to those who will test with you.To speed up the entry of information in the test phase, you can click on the title "Personal Information" or "Customer Information" to fill in the fields with your own information (name and email) as well as fill in the credit card information. credit with those required.

Test the public ticketing

Suggested testing as a customer:

  • Use the Portal Ticketing menu and make a purchase with Book and Pay. For payment, use your name and email (personal or business) as long as you have access to this email to see your confirmation. Wait for your email and access your order and your tickets.

  • Do another test this time with Form a Group. Put yourself in the shoes of a group leader who organizes a trip to your home to celebrate 50 years of Lise. Buy a ticket for yourself and possibly your spouse and children. When you receive the confirmation email, click on the group ticketing link and purchase other tickets always using your name and email to follow what's happening. There is no problem for the same person to buy tickets more than once. Then send an email to someone who will help you test and copy the link to the group's box office.

It is best not to send your confirmation email to those who will be part of the group because it contains your tickets.

It is suggested to produce a new, more inviting email and copy the link to the group box office or share the group's ticketing on Facebook with the button included in the confirmation email.

Test the Portal

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Scan tickets

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